My Story

Growing up in the 80s, I was surrounded by the influence of the Hollywood blockbuster. The magic of special effects permeated the fabric of the fictional worlds I was enveloped by. The cornerstones were Star Trek and Star Wars, and later the powerful work under the direction of people like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg. In each case, the artists who influenced me occupied a stable within the Industrial Light and Magic company that was creating moments of beauty that defined what was most ‘cinematic’ for me.

This term best encompasses what makes me tick as a photographic artist, and the world of film has more influence on my art than that of conventional photography. Cinematography and photography are sister disciplines, but to me – any still frame from a beautiful moment of cinema has as much or more power than the greatest of photographs. People are often critical of some filmmakers for their overly stylised delivery, but if I make photographic art as beautiful – as out of this world, as anything created under the likes of Bruckheimer, Lucasfilm or Marvel, then I’d be happy.

And this is how I found my way to the central theme in my art – ‘the cinematic’. I began by exploring what a camera can do – in particular how to create the classic look of soft focus backgrounds to emphasise beauty within a scene. Then came the extraordinary power of ultra-wide angle lenses to create beautiful distortions and exaggerate proportion. As I explored the technical aspects of digital photography and post processing I began to experiment, until I discovered a niche – and saw within it the strongest expression yet of that cinematic beauty which I’d been chasing ever since picking up a large sensor camera.

Experimentation requires labour – constant trial and error, and I shot hundreds and hundreds of frames exploring this niche I had found. While not the first to explore the essential methods in use by any means, I’ve endeavoured to hone a style all of my own – after all there is little that is technically new, but the unique style and themes of any imagery and storytelling is what keeps people coming back for more. My experimentation gravitated towards a particular style – familiar but otherworldly, identifiable yet hyperreal.

My first collection has explored the unexpected results from employing this style with a traditional still life subject. Now with each new collection I’m sharing the fruits of this experimentation – still frames which capture moments that could be plucked from a mind blowing popcorn movie. Otherworldly. Hyperreal.


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