I’ve seen a piece I like – how can I go about purchasing it?

There are a number of exhibition and sales dates/venues that I have coming up – please see the events page for more information.

Present exhibition and sales venues are situated within easy driving distance of Stevenage, Hertfordshire, where I am based.

Online sales are not yet established but if you’re interested in a particular piece and/or ordering an edition in a certain paper type, frame or  in box/wrapped canvas – please use the Contact page to get in touch.


What Equipment Am I Using?

Digital Photography and Postprocessing – Beyond the hardware itself, the formula for creating pieces of art in my style and niche are in the very particular combination of techniques, tools and materials that I use – an exact combination of ingredients that generates a method unique to me.


What Are My Inspirations?

Please see my story page.


How Did I Learn Photography?

The major factors were YouTube (literally the greatest website ever created), buying a capable camera with a couple of different lenses and shooting all kinds of different subjects.

There are three key sources of knowledge that have made the most difference, all of which can be found on YouTube: